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Pike Renewables works closely with municipal and utility clients to tackle their toughest renewable infrastructure challenges safely and efficiently. Our engineering, design and technical services take projects from site selection all the way through grid integration.


Pike Renewables has extensive nationwide experience developing new solar projects as well as upgrading or relocating existing facilities. To date, we have helped our clients connect over 1 GW of solar power to the grid.


60,000-panel Solar Array Meets Clean Energy Milestones

Pike Renewables recently constructed a 60,000-panel solar array in Marathon, New York, for a national electric utility that wanted to provide clean energy to local homes, dairy farms, and small businesses. The solar power connects directly to the grid to benefit local customers.

Handling all aspects of construction, Pike installed foundations and panels, performed electrical work on the site and completed the grid tie-in. We also negotiated an accelerated timetable to achieve critical milestones and allow our client to meet project incentive deadlines. This required extensive coordination and teamwork to expedite the installation and ensure that it was completed by the end of the year.

Our speedy installation and quality construction ensured that the electric utility met its timetable while providing over 22 MW of electricity directly to customers.


120-Acre Facility in Connecticut

This Connecticut project covers 120 acres, and includes eight arrays and inverters. Pike installed 76,000 solar panels and 120 combiner boxes in total for this 20-megawatt project. We also managed the construction of the 115 kV substation with an interconnection to the regional utility. Completion of this project also required considerable planning and site preparation.


Design and Construction for Four West Coast Projects

We have successfully completed four separate solar projects for a major West Coast solar developer. Our work included balance of system, solar collection system design and installation, fiber-optic backbone design and installation, site construction and infrastructure installation, cable work, testing, commissioning, startup and closeout support, and transmission, substation and switchyard work to connect the solar projects to the grid.


5 MW/10MWH Battery Installation

When a national electric company wanted to install battery storage in North Reading, Massachusetts to offset peak electricity demand, Pike Renewables handled everything from site work, installation of client supplied BESS, MV interconnection within utility substation.

The scope of the 5 MW / 10 Mwh battery installation encompassed procurement of balance of plant material, installation, commissioning and interconnection. One thousand batteries, MV metering, and two transformers and inverters were installed by Pike as part of the project.

As the deployment of renewable technologies such as wind and solar are growing, it becomes increasingly difficult to forecast variable generation. This creates challenges with grid stability, congestion and pricing volatility. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is becoming necessary to collect extra energy that is generated during off-peak hours and supply it to the grid when energy is in high demand. This battery system will allow the electric utility to meet consumer electricity demand without the need for “peaker plants” that use fossil fuels to supply additional energy to the grid at peak times. Additionally, in an instant, these systems provide grid stabilization by responding to fast frequency changes which can cripple a utility grid. These systems can be collocated with wind, solar or micro-grid systems and can also be stand-alone systems connected directly to the grid.

Pike Renewables has the capability to engineer, provide varying level of procurement and construct BESS systems all the way through the substation, distribution and transmission interconnections.


Fast Chargers Accelerate Electric Transportation in Florida

Working closely with a regional utility, we are installing a network of Level 3 fast chargers around the Florida Turnpike. Pike was responsible for the installation of charging terminals, foundations, bollards, and restoration for asphalt and landscaping, as well as a tie-back from the chargers to the main power source. The fast chargers are compatible with several kinds of charging connectors to support multiple models of electric vehicles and are also wheelchair accessible.

Level 3 EV charging station

Electric charging station